Badger provides an easy to use and intuitive way to explore and store genome data and gene predictions. It can be used as a central hub for genome projects allowing project members to search and access data as and when it is available. The database can hold multiple species, each with multiple genome versions and each genome with multiple gene prediction sets.

Installation is straight forward and requires just a few steps to produce a fully working database and website.


Demo - an example of the demo data in action. This data ships with the software and can be installed in minutes to get a working example.

Four filarial nematode genomes - based on data from the Blaxter lab

Data requirements (essential)

1. A genome in FASTA format (chromosomes / scaffolds / contigs)

2. A set of gene predictions in GFF3 format

3. A set of gene transcripts from the GFF3 file in FASTA format

4. A set of gene proteins from the GFF3 file in FASTA format

Data requirements (optional)

5. A link to a correspondig GBrowse instance

6. An OrthoMCL groups file for displaying orthologs

7. A PhyloXML file for species display


GitHub: https://github.com/elswob/Badger

Documentation: README

Publication: Elsworth et al, 2013